Product FAQ Overview

How do I wash my down jacket?

While it is possible to wash your down jacket, we recommend that you have your jacket professionally cleaned by a service that specializes in cleaning down.

To machine wash:

  • Zip all zippers and attach all hook & loop fasteners.
  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Use only front-loading washing machine
  • Use mild powder detergent - Please do not use liquid detergent.
  • Wash in cold water/gentle cycle.
  • Use 2 rinse cycles
  • After washing, remove jacket and gently squeeze out excess water
  • Lay jacket on a towel and press with a clean towel on top to absorb excess water
  • Drying could take several hours
  • Tumble dry in large commercial dryer on low heat
  • Check garment every 15 minutes for overheating and to fluff out any clumps of down that may have developed. Gently shake and redistribute down as it is drying
  • When jacket is nearly dry, lay flat or hang to finish drying completely
  • DO NOT use top-loading washing machine
  • DO NOT use bleach, liquid detergent, or fabric softener
  • DO NOT dry out in the sun (UV can damage the nylon fabric)
  • DO NOT store garment when it is wet