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DAKINE ABS Signal pack by Elias Elhardt.

At DAKINE we know that the most important avalanche safety system is your own sound judgement. Respecting the warnings, knowing the snow conditions and the avalanche hazard in the terrain you're riding and riding safely as a group and within your limits will keep you well out of danger most of the times. And for the few times in which you may be surprised, make sure you are well geared up. The DAKINE ABS Signal pack will help you carry all your b...
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New Summer 2014 collection in stores!

DAKINE's new Summer 2014 has hit the stores! A collection of seasonal essentials and adventure-inspired accessories for men and women designed with uncompromising quality, performance and function. Highlights include over 18 new bags for women, an expansion of the popular heritage line of packs and bags plus a refined offering of technical apparel and accessories for mountain biking. The summer line features new fabrics and prints such as the Haw...
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Annie Boulanger 2013 full part

After a decade standing out in the male dominated backcountry scene and building herself a reputation that has led her to become one of the most respected female riders, Annie B. has been able to astonish everybody with her 2013 full part. Considered her best part ever by many in the industry, this is a statement of Annie's ongoing mission to push women's snowboarding to new heights.