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Annie Boulanger 2013 full part

After a decade standing out in the male dominated backcountry scene and building herself a reputation that has led her to become one of the most respected female riders, Annie B. has been able to astonish everybody with her 2013 full part. Considered her best part ever by many in the industry, this is a statement of Annie's ongoing mission to push women's snowboarding to new heights.

Winter Trash

Winter Trash is a freeskiing movie project that features DAKINE riders Roy Kittler and Jonas Hunziker. After their first webisode filmed in Switzerland, the crew headed on to Livigno for the second edit. Great food, great snow and awesome riding!

Leanne's way

Whistler backcountry queen, Leanne Pelosi, features the second part of Red Bull's "My Way" series. If you want to know all about how she landed in the snowboarding scene, who's her best travel companion and who she'd never travel with, this is your reading. Then, flick on to the next piece in which she gives advice on avalanche safety and how to gear yourself properly.

"My way" interview:
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Poney Session 2014

Riders from all over the world gathered in Saint Láry for the biggest snowboard competition in France, the 4-stars WST Poney Session. "Renaissance" was the theme of this 12th edition in which "cardinals" and "beggars" competed for the podium. With Victor de le Rue as godfather, the event was a non stop display of tricks and all sorts of complicated rotations for the delight of the spectators. Finally, it was Finnish Petja Pironen who claimed vict...
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