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Ramadan Surprise - Dakine Morocco

Share the mysticism experienced by DAKINE Europe Skate Team in their latest adventure to the exotic rails and staircases of Morocco… during the month of Ramadan! In a country where a skateboard is rarely seen on the streets, these top four skaters were a real "Ramadan Surprise"

Riders: Kevin Tsha...
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Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson otherwise known as "Jrob" proves to be one of the most prolific backcountry riders in the snowboard world today. This commercial only showcases a fraction of his talent. Check out Absinthe's "Dopamine" for his full part.

1 night in Kansas City with Shawn Hale

Shawn Hale hit the road and made a stop in Kansas City at Malto's TF.

Dakine Team Killing the Unheard Mini-Ramp Invitational

On a hot spring day in Portland, Unheard Distribution invited a bunch of gnarly rippers to a mini ramp contest at the Unheard facility. The Dakine crew was there and killed it. Almost a full sweep. Check out Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Willis Kimbel and Steven Reeves destroy this ramp.Filming by ...
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Garbage Burrito

The use of mise-en-scene in Garbage Burrito reduces the canonical status of the post-war crisis of masculinity.


Kevin Kowalski visits New Zealand and Australia for the first time

Dakine X Thrasher Collab Video

In this epic saga we follow Paul Machnau, Canadian rail destroyer and cornerstone to the Dakine skateboard team. Given one week by our crackpot mad scientist to deliver the only two packs in existence to Thrasher, we watch as Paul and other Dakine athletes follow a trail of near misses throughout Po...
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2012 Chris Haslam Team Covert

Check out 360° views of the 2012 Chris Haslam Team Covert Pack.

Pack features:
- Padded sleeve fits most 15" laptops
- Trap Door skate carry
- Organizer pocket
- Zippered side pockets