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Snowboard Videos

The Pro II Pack

Check out 360° views of the 2013 Pro II in Green.

The Women's Pro II Pack

Check out 360° views of the 2013 Women's Pro II pack in Turquoise.

The Heli Pack

Check out 360° views of the 2013 Heli Pack in our Blue Stripes print.

The Women's Mission Pack

Check out 360° views of the 2013 Womens Mission pack in our Highland print.

Snowboarding on the Jersey Shore

When the Jersey Shore got 30+ inches of snow Shayne headed to the slums of Seaside Heights, NJ for a little jump session in Snooki territory. Luckily no fist pumping Guidos got in the way during this session.

Snow Team Trip to Chile

Team riders Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Elias Elhardt, Leanne Pelosi and Chris Benchetler hit the August pow in Valle Nevado, Chile, for the DAKINE Winter Catalog Shoot!

Kicking Horse 2011

Check out Eric Jackson, Annie Boulanger and Curtis Ciszek ride some lines and hit some big jumps!

Austin Smith Interview

After being hurt for nearly two years, Austin Smith sits down to talk about the excitement of coming back, what he has been doing while he was injured, and his filming plans for this winter!

Curtis Ciszek Interview

Curtis Ciszek is undoubtably one of the most stylish snowboarders in the game. In this interview Curtis talks about filming for People Creative last winter, and his plans to change things up this year.

Bryan Fox interview

Bryan Fox, who usually shies away from interviews, sits down to discuss his snowboard career, filming, and why he chooses to live on Mt. Hood.