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Every year the surfing world migrates to the North Shore of Oahu to crown a champion. Dakine - Backstage PIPE is a series of imagery, conversations, and perspectives you probably won't see on a webcast. Mahalo to all the locals and North Shore communities for opening your home to the rest of the world every year. If you are visiting, please do your part to help the locals conserve and protect the amazing beauty and natural resources of Hawaii.

Youthful Movement - Albee Layer

Albee Layer gives a little insight as to whether the risk out ways the rewards in life threatening conditions. Also, maintaining leadership in the progression of surfing.


The area of land and water on the North Shore of Maui know as Peahi is about 5 minutes from where DAKINE was founded and still operates. By default, we tend to end up on the cliff or in the water pretty much every time the deadly giant of a wave called JAWS comes to play at Peahi. This is a timeline of what that world looks like before, during, and after the good times roll.


"Set Me Down On A Cloud"
Written by Lukas Nelson
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Youthful Movement - Matt Meola

Matt Meola - Around the world - 4ft to 40ft and everything in between...
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The Youthful Movement

Premier episode of the Youthful Movement video series featuring Dakine team riders Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Eric Geiselman, Evan Geiselman, Ian Gentil, Luke Davis, Billy Kemper, Ryan Callinan, Zeke Lau and Koa Rothman.

Check out some of the > traction and > leashes used in this video.

For more action from the Youthful Movement check out Dakine's Surf Instagram: @dakine_surf


Ian Gentil roaming Indonesia.

Matt Meola and Albee Layer at Jaws in The Isle 2 Season Premier!

The Isle is a web series following the lives of surfers Matt Meola and Albee Layer. In this epic first episode of season two we watch Matt, Albee and the rest of their crew prepare for the end of the year swell at Jaws. When the swell finally arrives, things get serious. Watch Matt's chilling account of a monster wave that nearly takes his life.

"What Girls Want" Episode 1: Surfing with Lucia Martiño

Lucia Martiño is the first girl of five activists we filmed for the "What Girls Want" series. She joined a Dakine photoshoot in the Canary Islands and during the four days with her we witnessed a girl willing to have fun on her board as if every wave was her last. In August she won the ASP Lacanau Pro Junior and this is just the beginning for Lucia!

CJ Hobgood

Getting mixed up with his brother!