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How to Apply a Traction Pad

Surf Gear Breakdown with
Dakine Surf Marketing Director Micah Nickens
Everything you need to know about applying the

Step 1: First off, make sure you know what kind of board you are choosing a pad for. Is it a very wide tailed fish? Or a narrow pin tail typically used for mid lengths or big wave boards. Or your typical short board?
Step 2: Once you have selected your board, then you need to find the right pad that fits the tail perfectly. Some pads have wider footprints than others. Some are flat and some are built up for extreme progression. We have the perfect pad for all board types/
Step 3: Now that the pad is selected, it’s all about the placement on the board. Make sure it's placed in the proper zone to allow its maximum usage. Too far forward may hinder the boards maneuverability. Too Far back and you may get added drag from the traction overhang. A side note: Always let the pad sit over night when first placed on the board. This allows the adhesive to tack on strongly.

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