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How to Choose the Best Bike Kneepads

Bike Gear Breakdown with
Dakine Mountain Bike Marketing Director Gabe Schroder
Everything you need to know about 
selecting the best mountain bike knee pads.

When it is time to hit the mountain, you'll want to make sure you are covered (even your knees). From
mountain biking gloves to hip packs, there are certain things we can't live without on the rough terrain. Next up, we are going to discuss bike knee pads, and take a closer look at the Slayer Series.

Whether you are just getting involved in mountain biking and shopping for all the gear, or you’re an expert out pushing your limits, having a pair of lightweight, pedal friendly knee pads can make all the difference between just another funny crash and a day-ending injury.

The Slayer Knee Pads come in three versions, each one pedal friendly and with their own level of protection, so you can choose the version that works best for you and the terrain you are riding.

The Slayer Knee Sleeve is our most lightweight, breathable, and pedal friendly knee pad. While the Slayer Knee Sleeve does not meet stringent CE certifications, this pad offers solid protection. It is the ideal option for beginners who need comfort and protection, and pros and experts who need all day wearability for big, remote rides.

The Slayer Knee Pad is a lightweight, low profile, fully certified knee protector built for riders of any level. Features include CE certified foam padding, pre-curved ergonomic patterning for an enhanced fit, and Cordura abrasion resistance for durability.

The Slayer Pro Knee Pad offers the most protection of the Slayer Series, while still maintaining a lightweight, pedal friendly and low-profile design. Added padding on the sides of the knee complement the fully CE certified foam padding over the kneecap while an adjustable elastic strap and silicone grippers keep the pad in place.

As your skill level increases and your descents become rowdier, you will require even more protection. Dakine has you covered so checkout the all-new Agent, with easy on off straps so you don’t need to remove your shoes, or the hard shelled Mayhem for full protection in unforgiving terrain.

Want to shop more accessories? You can find all you need here. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you on the trails.

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